KRAVT SPA is a great place to enjoy every moment, leave aside any anxiety and stress, achieve harmony with the world around you and yourself. Our center was created for those who want to relax after a busy day, fill themselves with life energy, preserve their youth and beauty, and always look perfect. When creating KRAVT SPA, we thought over every detail and tried to anticipate all the guests' desires, so today it is one of the most comfortable SPA-complexes among all St. Petersburg hotels.
There is "children's time" in KRAVT SPA . A visit to the complex is possible for children from 3 to 14 years old every day from 09.00 to 18:30, only in the presence of accompanying adult. Give special memories from KRAVT SPA for the whole family and those closest to you!
Thermal zone
KRAVT SPA has everything to make your day enjoyable and pamper yourself with real pleasures. The thermal area includes a traditional sauna, scrubber, aroma steam, snow shower and shower of impressions. In the phytobar, guests can enjoy delicious and healthy drinks.
Pool area
One level below there are swimming and children's pools, as well as a hammam, a jacuzzi, a Kneipp path and a salt room, there are also rooms for spa treatments and spa treatments. The stylish modern design is complemented by chic decorative elements such as rock paintings in the pool area.
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Scrubbing is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to give your skin a healthy, blooming appearance. The scrubber in KRAVT SPA is a private area, available to Guests on individual request, which allows wrapping , scrubbing and even massage procedures. Room temperature can be from 32 to 38 ° C and humidity from 40 to 70% (depending on the procedure).
Aroma room
The aroma steam room is a room with a temperature of 42-45 ° C and humidity up to 100%. A thick aromatic steam is supplied to the room, which has a positive effect on the skin, metabolism and on the human body as a whole.
Aroma room
The aroma steam room is a room with a temperature of 42-45 ° C and humidity up to 100%. A thick aromatic steam is supplied to the room, which has a positive effect on the skin, metabolism and on the human body as a whole.
The high temperature maintained in the sauna creates what is called "artificial heat". It strengthens the immune system and kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Together with sweat, slags and toxins are removed from the body, the kidneys, water-salt metabolism are improved, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic. Sauna temperature - 70-90 ° C, humidity 40-60%.
Snow shower
A snow shower is an opportunity for extreme cooling after visiting a sauna, steam bath, hamam 365 days a year, regardless of climate and season. It is the key to bathing relaxation as rapid changes in temperature have a positive effect on the entire body.
The secret of the benefits of the hamam lies in the special microclimate that is created in the steam room. Since the humidity in the hamam is high (100%), the temperature is felt much stronger than in a dry room. That is why it varies between 35-55 ° C. The KRAVT SPA has a Turkish hammam with a "space" design and mirrored mosaics, a warm marble table and heated marble benches and kurnas. Also in the hammam there is a "fog" function, which envelops the guests with cool moisture.
Salt room
In a treatment room with a relative humidity of 30-50% and an air temperature of 28-30 degrees, a stable therapeutic microclimate is created, which is close in content to the composition of sea air. Such conditions are created by the salt blocks of pink Himalayan salt and the spray of brine (salt spray).
In the thermal zone, a phyto-bar is provided so that guests can enjoy herbal teas, fresh juices and smoothies.
Shower Impressions Atlantic Ocean
The Impression Shower consists of 4 programs, the main purpose of which is intensive cooling after the sauna, a contrast shower to prepare for massage sessions, as well as to raise the tone and increase the blood supply to the skin.
The length of the pool is about 13 meters, the maximum depth is 160 cm. The water temperature is 29-31 ° C due to the presence of hydromassage places.
Children's swimming pool
Water temperature - 30-32 ° C. This is a small pool with a slide for the youngest KRAVT SPA visitors.
The jacuzzi water temperature is 36-37 ° C. The Jacuzzi is located in the main pool alcove. This creates an even greater atmosphere of privacy and comfort.
Kneipp path
Next to the showers is the Kneipp walkway, which allows you to enjoy foot treatments. The effect of Kneipp baths is based on the contrast of temperatures, under the influence of which the vessels expand and narrow, blood circulation improves, oxygen and nutrients are more actively carried throughout the body.