Visiting rules
Guidelines for spa visitors
1. General provisions.

1.1 These rules of conduct (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) in Spa complex "KRAVT SPA" (hereinafter referred to as the SPA complex) apply to all service consumers of the SPA complex (hereinafter referred to as the Visitor) without exceptions, as well as to persons in the SPA complex and are aimed to provide safe and comfortable stay of the Visitors in the SPA complex. To this end, the Rules establish the rights and obligations of the SPA complex Visitors, define the mechanism to implement these rights, and also establish a number of prohibitions and restrictions that prevent such actions of Visitors that may cause harm or inconvenience to other Visitors, as well as damage to the SPA complex as a whole.

1.2 These Regulations contain:

- the Rules for the efficient and safe use of the services on the territory of the SPA complex (hereinafter referred to as the services of the SPA complex or services);

- the Rules for visiting the hydro-thermal complex (pools, baths, saunas);

- the necessary and reliable information about the potentially dangerous and harmful properties of the services that can adversely affect the health of the Visitor in the future;

- other complete and accurate information about the service provider, the services and all essential conditions for the service delivery.

1.3 The legal owner of the SPA complex and the organization performing services on the territory of the SPA complex is the limited liability company "Hotel Nevsky" (hereinafter referred to as the Administration of the SPA complex, the executor, the provider of services)

1.4 These Rules are posted for review at the SPA complex reception in the "Customer's corner" section.

1.5 The SPA complex works in accordance with the schedule, information of which is posted at the entrance to the SPA complex (from the hotel side) and at the reception desk of the SPA complex, as well as on the hotel's website.

The SPA complex working hours:

Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 22:00.

All visitors should complete their stay in the SPA within 15 minutes before closing time and leave the premises no later than the established working hours. Please note that access to the SPA complex is terminated if there are 30 minutes left until the end of the working hours.

1.6 The working time of the SPA complex is established by the Administration of the SPA complex independently, while the Administration of the SPA complex has the right to:

- at its discretion, open and/or close for the use of visitors each specific pool/jacuzzi and (or) baths and saunas or limit the provision of services (including a separate pool or bath/sauna) for technical, operational, organizational, sanitary,hygienic and other reasons (emergency situations of equipment and software malfunction that occurred due to no fault of the contractor, temporary disconnection of electricity or water supply by the utility services, the onset of force major circumstances );

- make changes to the schedule (operation mode) of the spa complex, related to technical, organizational, sanitary,hygienic and other reasons, as indicated on the information stands of the spa complex, hotel and (or) hotel's website.

1.7 Each visitor of the SPA complex wishing to use the SPA complex services must pay the cost of services in cash to the cashier of the organization of the service provider, by bank transfer (bank card) or present a valid gift certificate for the services of the SPA complex.

1.8 Each Visitor, upon registration at the entrance, is given a key-bracelet, which must be returned after the visit to the SPA complex. The key-bracelet serves as an electronic key for opening and closing the individual changing locker, and also records all information about the services provided and the balance.

1.9 Children under 3 years old are not allowed to visit the SPA complex. Children from 3 to 14 years old are allowed to visit the SPA complex every day from 09:00 to 18:30, only in the presence of adult Visitors, subject to the following condition: one adult guest per child. One adult guest can accompany two children only if one of these children is 12 (twelve) years old or older. In this case, it is mandatory to provide documents confirming the specified age. Adults are fully responsible for the safety of children, as well as for the damage caused by the children they accompany.

1.10 The SPA complex does not provide guests with services for the care, supervision and maintenance of minors. The responsibility to monitor the condition of the child and child's behavior is fully placed on the adult guests accompanying the children. Children over the age of 16 are allowed to swim in the pool if they are able to stay on the water without adult support. Adults accompanying children are prohibited from leaving children unattended or allowing children to disturb other guests.

1.11 The person, accompanying the child is obliged to explain to the child these Rules, the rules of conduct in the water and is obliged to constantly monitor the child, and also not to allow the child go into the water of the pool if the child does not have swimming skills.

1.12 When paying for services at the rates established for children aged 3 to 14 years old, the Administration of the SPA complex has the right to request the Visitor to provide the documents confirming the age of the child, as well as the direct presence of the child when paying for services.

1.13 If there are doubts about the age of the child and the visitor does not have the above documents or the child is not present, as well as if the Visitor refuses to present documents at the checkout, the service provider has the right to deny the visitor the right for a free access to the SPA complex territory for children under the age of 3 years, as well as the sale of a ticket at a fare for children aged 3 to 14 years.

1.14 Paid service - "Entrance ticket" gives the right to one pass to the territory of the SPA complex. Session is limited to a time interval of 2 hours 30 minutes. If the Visitor is on the territory of the SPA complex for more than the duration of one session, an additional payment is required for each additional hour spent (60 minutes), starting from the first minute after the end of the base rate, in accordance with the approved price list for the cost of services. It is allowed for the Visitor to enter the territory of the SPA complex without payment to get acquainted with the SPA complex, accompanied by the Administrator of the SPA complex for a period of up to 5-10 minutes.

1.15 In case of loss or damage of the key bracelet, the Visitor of the SPA complex must pay the cost of the lost or damaged bracelet, according to the current price of property damage.

1.16 Due to the limited number of sun loungers on the territory of the SPA complex, at times of high volume, providing a sun lounger for temporary use for Visitors is not guaranteed. Newly vacated sun loungers are provided to Visitors on a first-come, first-served basis. On busy days, Visitors with children 3 years old are accommodated on the same sun lounger.

1.17 By paying the cost of the SPA complex services and/or by entering the territory of the SPA complex, the Visitor confirms that he/she is fully familiar and agrees with these Rules, the Visitor (the Visitor's child) has no medical contraindications for swimming (bathing) in the pool, being in the baths, has the necessary basic swimming skills. The visitor must independently assess the capabilities (functional state) of his body (the body of his child) and its compliance with the conditions of physical activity. The visitor is warned that long stay in baths and saunas causes an increase of the body temperature, which can be harmful to health. Each Visitor is personally responsible for the state of his health and for the health of children with him while in the SPA complex and assumes all risks of injury.

1.18 When staying on the territory of the SPA complex, in order to efficiently and safely use the services, each Visitor must strictly comply with the requirements of these Rules, the instructions of the service personnel, as well as the requirements of the relevant information, warning and direction signs (stands, plates, announcements, etc.), having read them before the beginning of the provision of services.

1.19 The administration of the SPA complex is not responsible for the loss / damage / destruction of the Visitor's property left unattended or in an open locker. During your stay in the SPA zone, leave your personal belongings in lockers in the changing rooms, outerwear and hats in the wardrobe, and valuables in a special safe located at the Reception area of the SPA.

2. Categories of Guests and the procedure for visiting the SPA complex.

The SPA complex provides services for visiting the Hydro-thermal zone for the following categories of Guests:

- Guests registered and staying at the "KRAVT NEVSKY HOTEL&SPA",

- Guests who are not registered and not staying at the "KRAVT NEVSKY HOTEL&SPA".

2.1 For Guests registered and staying at the "KRAVT NEVSKY HOTEL&SPA", the accommodation rate includes free access to the SPA complex in a strictly established time interval from 9.00 to 12.00 daily from Monday to Sunday. Guests staying in rooms of the "King Suite" category, can visit the SPA complex once a day, without any time of visit and duration of stay restrictions. The visit can be carried out in 1 run. Before entering the dressing room, the Guest staying at the hotel must present a pass card to the reception of the SPA complex and bring the card up to the reader to record the entrance. The administration of the SPA complex has the right to refuse the visit to the Guest without presenting the card.

2.2 For Guests staying at the hotel, during the visit to the SPA complex from 9:00 to 12:00, the following is provided for use at no extra charge: 1 towel, 1 pair of slippers. The towel is the property of the spa and must be returned (to the laundry basket in the changing room) immediately after visiting the spa.

2.3 From 12:00 to 22:00 a visit to the SPA complex for guests registered and staying at the hotel is possible upon paying the cost of an entrance ticket according to the approved price list.

2.4 For Guests who are not registered and not staying at the hotel, all services of the SPA complex are provided according to the approved price list.

3. The following actions are prohibited for Visitors of the SPA complex.

3.1 Visit the SPA complex, use swimming pools and saunas / saunas if there are medical contraindications for health reasons, if you have skin or infectious diseases, bleeding, feel unwell, as well as to persons taking medications that have a depressing effect on the central nervous system and reaction;

3.2 Enter the territory of the SPA complex in outerwear, outdoor shoes;

3.3 Be in the SPA complex in a state of alcoholic, drug or toxic intoxication;

3.4 Bring firearms and edged weapons, piercing-cutting objects, glass objects, explosive, flammable, poisonous and toxic substances, as well as pepper sprays to the SPA complex. And also bring to the territory of the SPA complex and use explosive and flammable substances (including pyrotechnic items, fireworks, etc.), set a fire on the territory of the SPA complex;

3.5 Smoking on the territory of the SPA complex (namely cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, vapes, hookahs);

3.6 Bring and drink alcoholic beverages, as well as eating food on the territory of the SPA complex and in the bowls of the pools (with the exception of specially designated places);

3.7 Throw foreign objects into the pool and litter on the territory of the SPA complex;

3.8 Make noise, speak obscenely, behave defiantly, violate public order, provoke other Visitors;

3.9 Use cleaning, perfumery and other liquids in glass containers in the shower;

3.10 Rub cosmetics (creams, ointments, etc.) into the skin before visiting the pool. Use cosmetics and besom in baths/saunas, use various creams and ointments, perfumes, essential oils, honey, cosmetics before using pools and baths/saunas;

3.11 Independently perform any cosmetic procedures on the premises of the SPA complex (manicure, pedicure, peeling, steaming, etc.);

3.12 Walking barefoot in the spa complex;

3.13 Swim in the pool, use the baths/saunas and be in the public area of the SPA complex without a bathing suit; children: be on the territory of the SPA complex and swim without bathing suits;

3.14 Run on the territory of the SPA complex. When using the pool, it is also forbidden to: jump, dive or dive into the water in other ways from the sides of the pools, since the sizes of the pools are not designed for such dives and this can lead to injury, to be excessively active, including allowing excessive activity of the minors, or to perform other actions that can be dangerous to others;

3.15 Take photo and video using professional equipment;

3.16 Enter and stay in staff, utility and auxiliary rooms intended for maintenance the SPA complex and the personnel of the SPA complex;

3.17 Touch, turn on, turn off and adjust any technical equipment;

3.18 Pour water on the stones in baths/saunas / cover the stones (sauna stove) with foreign objects and fill the stove with water to generate steam;

3.19 Ignore the demands of the spa staff, show disrespect or rudeness towards the staff and other visitors of the spa;

3.20 Use the territory of the SPA complex without the permission of the Administration of the SPA complex for commercial, promotional and other activities, regardless of whether this is related to income or not;

3.21 Bring animals to the SPA complex territory;

In case of violation of the requirements of these Rules and failure to respond to the reasonable demands of the Administration, the Visitor may be removed from the territory of the SPA complex by the Security Service employees, without any compensation of the cost of services paid.

4. Rules for visiting the Hydrothermal zone.

4.1 Before visiting the pool or thermal zone, each Visitor must assess their health status for compliance with the conditions of stay in the SPA complex, physical and psycho-emotional capabilities, the ability to swim in relation to themselves and their children. The territory of the pool or thermal zone is an area of increased risk of injury. Visitors with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or respiratory problems who have recently consumed alcohol or medication should avoid exposure to high temperatures.

4.2 To visit the baths/saunas, you must have appropriate clothing: a bathing suit, a swimsuit (for women), swimming trunks (for men);

4.3 It is forbidden to be in the bath/sauna topless - without the top of the swimsuit (for women);

4.4 It is recommended to enter baths/saunas wearing a headgear (sauna/bath hat) that protects the head from exposure to high temperatures. Before entering a hot room, it is recommended to take a warm shower with soap and dry thoroughly. Do not wet your head, so as not to cause overheating of the head;

4.5 Personal hygiene rules must be followed. Before visiting baths/saunas, after visiting saunas and toilet rooms and before diving into the pool, be sure to take a shower;

4.6 For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to use the towels provided by the SPA administrator and lay them on the sauna's bench.

4.7 While in the bath / sauna, contact with the surface of the stove should be avoided - this can cause severe burns;

4.8 Activities of an intimate nature in the premises of baths/saunas and the spa complex are prohibited;

4.9 It is forbidden to bring plastic dishes in baths/saunas;

4.10 It is forbidden to cover the heater with foreign objects (towels, bathing suits, etc.);

4.11 It is forbidden to independently switch/change the temperature in baths / saunas;

4.12 Each visitor is obliged to enter the pools using special ladders and slopes that are equipped on the side of the pools. You should go down slowly, holding on to the rail. Guests, who cannot swim, shouldn't stay far from the side of the pool or its' entrance, eliminating the possibility at any time to grab on to the railing.

5. Rules for visiting the SPA procedures area.

5.1 To get to the desired procedure at a convenient time for you, it is recommended to book the SPA procedure in advance.

5.2 On the day of the procedure, you must arrive at the SPA complex 15 minutes before the start of the procedure to change clothes, fill out the Guest Questionnaire (indicating all existing diseases and contraindications) and get answers to all your questions, if you have them. The SPA complex is not responsible for the deterioration of your health in the event that you have not informed the specialist about previous injuries or chronic diseases.

5.3 Being late shortens the time of the procedure, which affects the quality of the service. In case of the delay for more than 20 minutes, the administrator has the right to cancel the reservation. If for some reason you cannot visit our SPA complex, please inform us in advance - at least 6 hours before the start of the procedure.

5.4 It is recommended to take off all jewelry before the session. Use disposable underwear (issued in the treatment room).

5.5 A visit to the SPA complex is not included to the cost of the SPA procedure and is paid separately according to the approved price list. The guest independently makes a decision about the desire to combine the SPA procedure with a visit to the Hydrothermal Zone and pays for his/her visit at the reception of the SPA complex before going to the changing room.

5.6 A visit to the SPA complex is included in the price of the SPA package. The duration of the visit is determined by the choice of the SPA package and may differ in duration.

6. Visitor Rights.

6.1 Each Visitor has the right:

- visit the SPA complex in accordance with these Rules;

- visit the SPA complex only after registering at the reception and paying for a one-time visit, a season ticket;

- use a season ticket to visit the SPA complex only during the period of time, set in it;

- inform the Administration of the SPA complex about all the shortcomings in the SPA complex, poor-quality service and express your wishes for improving its work;

- in accordance with the established procedure, use the individual lockers in the locker room for storing things;

- make payments for the services rendered in the manner, set by these Rules;

- contact the administration of the SPA complex (service personnel) for clarifications of these Rules and all issues of rendering services in accordance with these Rules.

6.2 For all disputes, questions, claims and disagreements arising in the course of using the services of the SPA complex, the Visitor has the right to immediately apply for resolving the situation to the administration of the SPA complex. All disputes or disagreements are resolved through negotiations between both sides, including sending the written claims. A written claim of the Visitor can be declared directly on the day of the service and considered by the receiving party (the Administration of the SPA complex) with a written response within 30 days from the time of its receipt, unless other terms for consideration and satisfaction of the consumer's claim are not established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. If the Visitor does not present a written claim on the day of the services, the services of the SPA complex are considered to be provided with the proper quality and in the proper quantity and fully accepted by the Visitor of the SPA complex without comments.

6.3 If it is impossible to resolve disagreements on controversial issues through negotiations, including sending written claims, they are subject to consideration in a court of general jurisdiction in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

7. Obligations of the Visitor.

- To read and comply with these rules for visiting the SPA, observe the rules of public order, behave respectfully towards other visitors, the staff of the SPA center, follow safety rules, fire safety rules, sanitary and hygienic requirements, and also maintain order and cleanliness;

- Take care of the equipment provided, otherwise the visitor pays the full cost of the damage caused according to the established price list;

- If any defects are found before the start of the visit, immediately inform the service personnel of the SPA complex about it;

- Return used towels, bathrobes and a key-bracelet from the Visitor's locker when leaving the changing room of the SPA complex;

- To inform the Administration of the SPA complex about all dangerous situations and objects that may threaten the safety of people in the SPA complex;

- In case of irritating effect of pool water on mucous membranes and skin, leave the pool immediately;

- In case of injury while in the pool or bath/sauna, pain in the joints, muscles of the extremities, cramps, severe redness of the eyes and skin, bleeding, as well as if you feel unwell, immediately give a signal to the service personnel or other Visitors about the first aid;

8. Other conditions.

8.1 The administration of the SPA complex guarantees that the quality of the services provided by the SPA complex meet the quality standards established for this type of service, including the requirements for safety, fire safety,sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

8.2 Services provided in accordance with these Rules are not subject to mandatory certification and licensing.

8.3 In case the actions of the visitor caused property damage to LLC "Hotel Nevsky", the company has the right to claim compensation for damage. On the fact of damage, an act is drawn up, which is signed by the Administration of the SPA complex and the Visitor who caused the damage. The act indicates the amount of damage agreed by the parties. If the Visitor refuses to sign the act, an appropriate entry is made in it in the presence of at least two witnesses who are not employees of the enterprise. In the event that damage is caused by minors under the age of 14, compensation for damage is made in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation, by legal representatives.

8.4 The administration of the SPA complex, in accordance with these Rules, does not take any pre-agreed obligations and guarantees to the Visitor related to the state of the pools, baths/saunas, depending on factors that the Administration of the SPA complex cannot influence (adverse weather conditions, temperature conditions of water and air unsuitable for the Visitor, a large number of visitors, the Visitors' swimming skills and style, etc.).

8.5 The administration of the SPA complex has the right to unilaterally amend these Rules. These changes to the Rules take place from the moment they are posted on information stands on the territory of the SPA complex and "Nevsky Hotel" and (or) on the hotel's website. The visitor undertakes to familiarize yourself with the specified changes to the Rules before the payment for the service.

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